SEO and Marketing Strategies in Tulsa, OK

Boost your Commercial Website with the Right SEO and Marketing Strategies


Having a website is great, but it needs custom SEO optimization in order to achieve good search rankings and better-targeted traffic. Website marketing gets your name out there, but also needs to draw the right traffic if you want more sales, increased leads, and more points in search engines for better rankings.

Keylitix reviews your existing content for SEO and determines the adjustments it needs to get higher up on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other search engines. We also review existing marketing efforts to determine a viable plan of action that will effectively bring an improved presence into the digital world.

Effective SEO and digital marketing require intense research and implementation to achieve success. Our Tulsa marketing experts take the time to get it right!

Get key SEO marketing strategies designed to give you the edge over your competition, locally or globally.

  • Complete website analysis to plan improvements and enhancements to targeted SEO audiences
  • Keyword Research tailored to the audience you need and to improve search rankings
  • Content Creation for maximized SEO results and increased customer sales or leads
  • Website Optimization for speed, responsive web design, etc. to improve search positions
  • On-page/off-page/inbound/outbound linking to increase SEO ratings
  • SEO submissions to kick-start your new search rankings—get your website reviewed/re-reviewed and placed in search databases
  • And much more

SEO Optimization that Actually Delivers Qualified Traffic


Your website needs more than just regular SEO enhancements. It needs the right keyword phrases, the right content to rank better, and the right HTML, such as well-researched Meta details that fit within your particular services and products. Getting traffic is one thing, but the right traffic is another. Utilizing customized SEO keywords and Meta information is one sure way to draw the right crowd.

Keylitix provides localized, national, and global SEO optimization and website marketing services for e-Commerce stores, service websites, non-profit websites, freelance sites, and much more.

Improve Your Existing Web Marketing Strategy or Start Fresh


If you are getting traffic to your website but not getting the sales or service numbers you desire, you may need a new marketing strategy. If you need or have a new website, it requires the right strategies to get out into the World Wide Web and draw the traffic you need for success.

Web marketing options such as localized web marketing, national SEO marketing, and global digital marketing all require different marketing techniques and strategies. We handle them all.

Our web marketing establishes the right presence, targets the right audience, and promotes your website across the Internet through several marketing techniques and services, including:

  • Organic SEO
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) SEO marketing to target specific audiences
  • White Hat SEO—NO Black Hat SEO tricks (sticking to the rules for legitimate search engine compliance and reputation building—NO risks and NO banning)
  • Direct response marketing to track individual marketing results and increase sales or leads
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) to promote your website
  • SEO blogs for your website to increase traffic and maintain search optimization through consistent activity
  • Guest blogs to promote your site and social media shares/likes
  • Google Maps to fulfill SEO requirements and maximize search placement
  • Professional directories to promote your services/profession
  • Business directories to gain more web exposure
  • And more

Digital Marketing at Its Best


Digital Marketing is a strategic process that increases web exposure in the right locations with the right SEO techniques.

Increase your website exposure through various digital channels and let others do the work for you!

  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Google Maps

Your business’s success relies heavily on maintaining a strong Web presence. Without it, you are fishing for the right catch, but getting the wrong ones.

We help you discover new opportunities to outrank your competitors and increase sales success. Contact us today to get started.

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