Our focus is to determine the key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve operational performance of your business. Keylitix provides consulting services to match your needs and respond to market fluctuations, increase profitability and make better decisions. We help you develop initiatives and structure your goals according to your vision capability and investment.


Keylitix provides a tailored strategy for migration to the cloud. And why wouldn’t you? Cloud engagement in your system enables you to carry out dynamic communications and reduces expenses while making your IT more strategic. We have the desired skills to implement large scale data mining projects and meet your heavy storage needs.


Transforming or adapting other technologies and introducing new approaches can be a trouble for both clients and employees. At keylitix we take one step at a time to ensure a successful implementation of change and make sure that huge culture shifts within the organization does not impact timely delivery of milestones.


Key to successful delivery of project lies in the accuracy and consistency when it comes to small deliverables and milestones in any project. A specific goal must be determined at every stage and prompt execution of all deliverables is necessary to win a bigger goal. Our practices will take your practices to the next level with overseeing every milestone, task, and objective to deliver a smooth workflow throughout the duration of the project.

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Business Consulting Services for Company Intranet and Enterprise Application Integration

Fulfill your digital demands, whether you are a small business or a corporate organization. Keylitix specializes in the development and creation of quality software and intranet applications, as well as custom data analytics for innovative business intelligence integration and custom web applications. We Offer Free Initial Business Consultations for Big or Small Company Needs. Consultations can be used for:
  • Digital workplace environments and functionality
  • Intranet portal design and integration
  • Collaboration applications and systems
  • Third-party access control
  • Custom corporate web design
  • Custom eCommerce/customer web design
  • Custom Web applications
  • And much more

Free Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is used to review existing software, network, intranet, internet, and custom data integration systems. We’ll also review your company software and network needs, preferences, and requirements to find custom applications and data analytics tools that fit within your budget. Discuss several ideas and concepts with your first consultation.
  • Enhance data organization and productivity
  • Establish the same, consistent processes for every location
  • Improve efficiency and security using cloud integration
  • Increase website speed and functionality
  • And any other digital needs
Our team develops a wide variety of software applications, data infrastructures, and business intelligence tools to achieve your goals and increase success. The initial consultation helps identify problems and develop solutions for websites, corporate software, big data tools, Web portal design, Intranet solutions, and other related digital processes. We’ll be glad to discuss any of these and more during your free consultation.

Other Software and System Business Consultation Services

Further consultations are essential to successful business operations in many ways. Keep your business up to par with the latest technological advancements and functionality by implementing new code, new security, new customizations, and new adaptations. Continued consultations for a fee:
  • Future user integrations
  • Security enhancements
  • Software model testing and pilot experimentation
  • New application integrations
  • Speed and performance enhancements
  • New projects
  • And a whole lot more
When it comes to digital management and integration, Keylitix has you covered! Enhance your intranet security, increase system functionality, simplify processes, automate forms, work seamlessly across all your company’s devices, integrate your applications with cloud infrastructures, handle productivity tasks fast and efficiently, and help increase stock’s potential if applicable.

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