One of the biggest mistakes small businesses can make is not keeping their website design current. Like it or not, your customers will choose a book by its cover—a cutting-edge website with clean, modern design sends a very different message than one with outdated fonts, fuzzy images, and garish color schemes. 

Website Design Trends 2020 

Is a new website design on your agenda for this year? If so, here are some website design trends for 2020 that you should consider.

1. Typography Goes Bold

Take a look at any number of your favorite websites and you’ll likely notice one thing: typography is front and center. What better way to tell the world what your business is about than to literally spell it out in big, bold lettering.

When you’re making a statement with typography, it’s important to choose the right font for the job. This is no time for fussy fonts full of curlicues and artistic flourishes. Keep your font choice simple, but interesting. Skip the free fonts and splurge on something a little more unique to you. Garlic is a font that manages to pull off boldness and a bit of whimsy and fun at the same time; Rotunda Bold is also bold (hence the name), but more unapologetically so. Fonts used in outlined form is another current typography trend worth embracing.

2. Black and White Minimalism

Want a timeless website design? Consider black and white. It almost feels wrong to classify this as a trend because minimalist black and white sites have been around for years and they’re not going anywhere—but that’s the point, isn’t it? This aesthetic is classy, calming, and professional. With all the visual noise on the web, landing upon a sleek, minimalist website feels like a breath of fresh air.

Not every business can pull off black and white, though. Let’s say you’re a landscaper—is black and white going to be the best way to show off your portfolio? Not likely! Do you have a retail store? This might not be for you either since you’ll probably want to showcase your wares. Writers, law firms, accountants, and similar professions are probably a better fit for this type of design. 

3. Geometric Shapes

If you’ve noticed a trend towards boldness, you’re not mistaken. Geometric shapes are hot right now, particularly when paired with a bold typography choice. Web designers are forgoing soft lines and flowing design in favor of sharp lines, angles, and patterns. In addition to incorporating these elements into your overall web design, if it’s time for a logo refresh, they’re great for that too. 

4. Vintage Meets Modern

Pulling off the vintage look on a website is difficult. It usually comes off as kitschy and dated. Instead, bring in elements of vintage design—colors and typefaces—and pair them with a minimalist web design for a modern feel. Many of the trendiest colors being used in web design right now are pulled right out of vintage magazines and ads from the 1940s and 50s—think warm pinks, muted teals, and masculine hunter greens. 

If you’re going for a bit of that throwback appeal, make sure it fits with your overall branding and the message you want to send to your customers. It’s also important to remember that the colors you choose for your website should be carried over into the rest of your branding—if you’re not ready to make that commitment, stick with smaller changes to your website.

5. Custom Illustration

Forget the stock images and use custom illustrations instead. You might be surprised to find out that it’s more affordable than you think. More and more websites are embracing custom illustrations because they convey a clear message about a business or brand. These illustrations can be paired with animation too for an even more eye-catching effect. 

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